2018 Add On Sheet

PLEASE fill out ONE Per Family


Member Number*

Email Address*

Annual Cart Fee *
Family - $1200 (billed in full in March)
Single - $900 (billed in full in March)
Family - $160 (billed monthly for 8 months)
Single - $120 (billed monthly for 8 months)
Private Cart Fee - $450 (billed in March)
No thanks I want to pay as I go

Annual Range Membership*
Golf Member $225
Social Member $300
No thanks!

Annual Club Storage*
Yes Please ($125 Per Bag)
No thanks!

Please list name(s) of member(s) wanting club storage

Annual Locker*
Yes please ($125 Per Locker)
No thank you!

Please list name(s) of member(s) wanting a locker

Everyone that has had GHIN in the past will automatically have GHIN added this year.

New GHIN Handicap*
Please sign me up - I do not have an active GHIN number but I would like to
Thanks I already have one with TPC
No thanks I don't plan on playing in any TPC tournaments

If you are a member of the Hole In One Club and you make a hole in one all members of the hole in one club will be charged $5 to their account and you will receive a gift certificate.

Hole In One Club *
Yes sign me up I am for sure going to make at least one hole in one this year
No thanks I am not that good!

* Indicates a required field.